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UK Food certification

UK Food certification based in Cheshire required a website re-design to reflect their market leading position within the food safety industry.
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Project goal

The goal of this project was to produce a site that reflected the company as a market leader in their industry, and give the client easy accessibility to update the website content on a regular basis. The current site was built by a member of staff using Weebly and lacked the professional feel that the client desired.

My role

As a freelance UI/Web Designer I worked directly with Oliver at UK Food Certification. Deliverables included high-fidelity mockups of the landing page, sub pages, overall UI design for desktop, as well as mobile and a responsive CMS website developed in Webflow.


After the initial meetings with Oliver to figure out the exact look, feel and goals of the website, I sketched initial concepts and wireframes, before using Figma to work on high fidelity designs and mockups, that were then reviewed and approved by the client. During this process I brought in Ben Clark, a Manchester based illustrator, to work with on the hero graphics which really brought the project to life.

Once all the designs were approved, I developed the website using Webflow. Some features changed in the process and I produced the website interactions that I had in mind previously when designing the layouts.


The existing website content could be re-purposed, which allowed me to focus UI/UX. I focussed the design on improving the things that mattered – including a cleaner and more user friendly experience, reflecting the company values plus the development of dedicated pages to support key business areas and attract new clients.

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