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Empowering agencies and businesses with scalable Webflow solutions and on-demand design support

Webflow Design EXPERT

We go beyond standard designs to create bespoke, high-performance websites that resonate with your target audience. Our approach focuses on crafting responsive, engaging digital experiences that not only captivate but convert, ensuring your marketing objectives are met with precision.


We blend innovation with user-centric design principles to create memorable digital experiences that stand out in the crowded digital landscape. Our designs are not just visually stunning; they're strategically crafted to enhance user engagement and drive marketing success.

Low-code EXPERT

Harness the full potential of low-code solutions with our expertise in integrating custom code to elevate Webflow's capabilities. Whether it's creating sophisticated ROI calculators, implementing dynamic GSAP animations, or seamlessly integrating with Hubspot, the possibilities are endless.

OUR work

SCI Ventures

Partnering with Future Brand London, we developed a sophisticated website for SCI Ventures, integrating custom JavaScript and GSAP for smooth animations and a unique pre-loader for first-time visitors. Despite tight deadlines, we delivered a seamless, professional scrolling experience, impressing the client with our technical prowess and timely execution. This collaboration highlighted our ability to enhance Webflow’s capabilities and deliver an exceptional online presence.

Figma to Webflow
Webflow development
GSAP Animations


Collaborating with Fertifa, a leader in providing tailored fertility benefits, we had the privilege of developing their new website, a project that demanded both creative and technical expertise. Our expertise in Webflow and custom coding, combined with Fertifa's in-house design team's vision, resulted in a sophisticated, user-friendly site. Key features like bespoke ROI calculators highlight the site's functionality, showcasing our ability to extend Webflow's capabilities and deliver a tailored, impactful online presence for Fertifa.

Custom Code
Figma to Webflow
Webflow development


We collaborated closely with Brick, a London-based creative marketing agency, to bring their static Figma design to life with dynamic GSAP animations. Together, we crafted a word-driven website that captivates audiences, showcasing their skills in supporting startups and big brands navigating new ventures.

Advanced interactions
Custom Code


Working with Brick, the London-based marketing agency, we delivered this on-brand functional website for their client, Beacon. Together, we delivered a professional and functional Webflow site that perfectly represented the client's brand and conveyed their expertise. As the developer and designer, Humphrey Design harnessed the power of Webflow to bring the client's vision to life. At the same time, our Figma UI designs ensured a seamless and captivating client experience.

Webflow development
Figma designs
Supply Chain Industry


We designed and developed a custom website for Detected, a software solution that automates enterprise payment onboarding. A user-centric approach led to improved engagement and increased brand awareness, helping Detected attract new investors and clients.

Webflow development
Figma designs
Agency collaboration
Tech business


Using Webflow's powerful development tools we built a visually stunning and user-friendly website for SolidBond from provided designs. Our design expertise effectively communicated their mission and services to support founders through their funding and growth journey.

Webflow development
Advanced interactions

Fuzzy labs

I partnered with Fuzzy Labs, a Manchester-based MLOps business, to bring their website vision to life in Webflow. My design expertise ensured a seamless transition from Figma designs to a fully responsive and functional website.

Webflow development
Tech business


The pricing provided below serves as a guide for fixed-rate projects, however, every client's business faces unique challenges so we take time to understand your custom needs and then provide you with a proposal specifically tailored to your business requirements.
You already have a design ready and you want to have this translated into a Webflow powered website.
Up to 5 pages
Client-first V2 class naming system
Attributes by Finsweet for advanced filter features
Basic integrations. (e.g. HubSpot, mailchimp)
Project comms via Slack and Figma
Experienced Webflow designer for seamless integration and understanding of your project designs.
For larger Webflow design projects, working closely with your in-house team over a longer period.
Includes .build-small
Unlimited static pages and CMS collections
A team member through-out your project
Advanced custom code solutions and features. (e.g event registration, interactive maps, calculators)
Wordpress CMS Migration
Advanced Webflow interactions and GSAP animations
.Build +DESIGN
You need a complete custom design from scratch that's future-proof, SEO ready and reflects your business to perfection.
Includes .build-large
Design discovery sessions
Collaborative low and high-fidelity wireframe designs
High standard UI designs ready for development
Work to your brand guidelines
Design for SEO performance
Website or application design
Figma design expert
Custom illustrations / animations


Scott is wonderful to work with, he's built some beautiful yet functional designs for various clients of ours. From B2B tech to consumer apps. He knows Webflow inside out and is a total whizz at finding new ways of elevating web design and UX to the next level without compromising on functionality. Scott not only has impressive web design and development skills, he's also a really lovely person and a joy to work with.

Emma Jones

Co-Found & COO, BRICK

Scott's graphic and UI designs are cutting-edge, incredibly clean and responsive. He has a deep understanding of layout, and how to apply design principles to meet the needs of a particular brand. I would absolutely recommend him for graphic or Webflow design work

David Bruggink

UX Designer & Product Designer

We needed a Webflow expert to help build our new site, and Scott was precisely what I was looking for. Scott knows Webflow back to front but also has a good eye for design. He worked well with our designer to turn those visuals into the production website. He also gave some excellent advice on SEO & tracking an a good handover on using Webflow to make changes ourselves. Recommended.

Tom Stockton

CEO & CO-Founder, Fuzzy Labs

Scott and I recently collaborated on a Webflow website project for a financial planning company. Scott was an absolute pleasure to work with. He demonstrated a great understanding of the design process and sound technical ability. In addition to his work, Scott understands the commercial side of the client relationship, is readily available and exceptionally easy to work with.

Steve Miller

Found & Creative Director, Brewd Marketing

MORE projects

World Marathon Majors

We led the redesign and build of Abbott World Marathon Majors' website, runner portal, and email campaign as their creative partner. Our work helped create a seamless user experience for their platform back in 2019 and supported their more recent transition to a new brand in 2023.


Into Productions

Design and Development for Into Productions' new website to showcase their latest video production work, creating a visually captivating platform that highlights their creative excellence.


Notre homes

We designed and developed a custom website for Notre Homes, a luxury property developer in the northwest. Collaborating with Muddy Wellies agency, we efficiently delivered a fully functional website within a tight 3-week deadline, just in time for the properties to go on sale. The website showcases a CMS property listing with Attributes filtering functionality, providing an exceptional user experience for potential buyers.


Wellbeing wave

Design and development for Wellbeing Wave. Humphrey Design crafted their entire brand identity as a local startup, reflecting their expertise as a life coach and gong meditation expert with a visually compelling online presence and visual identity.



I collaborated with a marketing agency and freelance designer to revamp PixelMax's website with a fresh new look. My design expertise and innovative solutions helped bring their metaverse and 3D technology to life.



Scott Humphrey is a multimedia design graduate with nearly 20 years of experience in creative and marketing industries. We've been specialising in Webflow design and development for over five years. Scott has a deep understanding of design principles that allows us to create websites that not only look great, but also function flawlessly . With diverse experience across multiple roles and industries, we're well-equipped to bring more than just design skills to the table. As an asset to your fast-paced design agency team, Humphrey Design can contribute a wealth of expertise and experience.

If you're seeking a creative, passionate designer and developer who can deliver something truly unique and unforgettable, look no further.