brand identity and logo design

Wellbeing Wave

Wellbeing Wave is a whole life approach to Health and Wellbeing: from what we put in and on our bodies, how we nourish, hydrate and move our bodies and the power of our mindset.



A brand new start-up required a professional and luxury wellbeing brand identity that attracts a specific target audience to a service that helps with all aspects of wellbeing via various methods including gong bath meditation, wellness coaching, workshops, retreats and corporate events. 


A new identity that attracts and feels secure, providing a luxury and friendly approachable service. 

Working closely with Karen at Wellbeing Wave, we did not just produce a logo but a strong visual identity that supports the Wellbeing Wave mission. The work was made to please her audience, the people Karen is trying to help and in order to do that she needed to be seen, but most importantly be trusted. 

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