Wide, interactive and mobile-friendly – web trends to take you into 2020

Friday 13th September, 2019

The Young Entrepreneur Council has identified the key web design trends to take us into the next year for Forbes Magazine, which your professional web designer will help you navigate if you are looking at updating your virtual shop window.

Mobile first is the biggest priority for all businesses refreshing their digital offering, as mobile devices now drive over 50 per cent of all online traffic, making mobile an essential and not an afterthought.

In the same vein, interactive web design is more engaging for users, which means incorporating  drop-down menus, content reveals, hover states and even chatbots for fielding FAQs.

Wide designs are a great canvas for strong branding and imagery and look great on a desktop or landscape tablet. Give your web designer freedom to explore your brand with a wide look, and watch your user engagement numbers increase.

Finally, brand consistency is everything, and can be fun to map out. Consider your audience today. What do they have in common? What are they looking for? What are your competitors doing and how can you do it better? Once you know who you are selling to, you can roll out a strong message for a unique brand image that is memorable and could help to embed customer trust and loyalty.

There are so many ways you can develop your brand and digital presence with professional web design and there is no better time than now to adopt these trends and get the edge.


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